How Marketing in the Round is Relevant to Your Self Brand

MiRSurprisingly Marketing in the Round written by Gini Dietrich and Geoff Livingston was one of my favorite textbooks to read that has ever been assigned for any of my classes. Nate Riggs my professor certainly knew what he was doing when he assigned our class with this reading. Unlike the usual, rather boring college textbook, Marketing in the Round had useful information, and most importantly it was relevant. The topics covered in the book were not from the last century, but rather covered the times we live in now, and how it is affecting all of the aspects of marketing.

To say that I could not use the concept to my advantage for my self-brand in the future would be misleading.  Although I think that in general most of the concepts covered pertain directly to companies, I do see some aspects which I could utilize for my self-brand and online presence.


My Main Takeaway

The first unit of the book pertains to understanding the marketing round which includes SEO, advertising, direct mail, public relations, social media, SEM, content, corporate communication, and web/digital.  The main take away is that communication is key throughout this entire marketing round. The concepts of the round are very useful to me in particularly for my online brand. Much like a business, my online presence has to have persistence and uniformity throughout. For example, my content on my blog and my social media personality should all have something in common in order to form one brand- being myself.

Other concepts such as the SWOT analysis and understanding the competitive landscape are applicable to my personal brand. Doing a SWOT analysis does not necessarily have to involve a large corporation. I have already completed a SWOT analysis of myself, and this has helped me get in understand my brand better. Most importantly it showed me what to maintain as my strengths and what the threats are that I need to look out for.

My Personal Competitors

Understanding competitors is also a concept from the book that I can, and should apply to my development of my personal brand. I am not the only student at Ohio University graduating with a marketing degree, with a high GPA, and a well rounded resume.  There are other students that are my competitors and it is important that I look out for them and know how to differentiate myself among all of my competitors.


Needless to say, Marketing in the Round has given me insights on many digital marketing tools that I haven’t been exposed to before. I strongly suggest reading the book if you are anyone who is looking for inspirations in the marketing field or looking to improve upon your company’s image and online presence.  Also, if you are like me and you are just trying to learn about how you could improve yourself brand, then I urge you to invest your time and read Marketing in the Round.

I would be happy to discuss the aspects that you think are the most relevant to your self-brand. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think the most useful concepts of the book were to you.  Or if you have read a great book that pertains to this industry post it in a comment! I am excited to hear your thoughts 🙂


2 responses to “How Marketing in the Round is Relevant to Your Self Brand”

  1. Gini Dietrich (@ginidietrich) says :

    Thanks for writing about this, Renata! I’m glad you liked it…and that Nate Riggs suggested it. It’s interesting to think about the various ways you can use this, particularly for your personal brand as you begin to think about competing for a job soon. It makes me happy you and your classmates will join the workforce with a broader understanding of how all of this works together. You’ll be ahead of many of your peers with years more of experience.

  2. nateriggs says :

    This is a great post, Renata. Well done! You’ve grasped some of the key concepts of the book and this blog is proof enough that you are applying them well. Awesome!

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