11 Perks of Being an RA

girlygurlsI’ve been a Resident Assistant at Ohio University ever since I was a sophomore (so that puts me at 2 years now).  Many people ask me why I chose this job, and why in the world I would want to live in the “dorms” as a Junior, and next year as a Senior? Well, let me tell you, there are many perks to being an RA here on campus. Not to mention the benefits (both financially and professionally) that I have gained from this crazy, unpredictable, 24 hour job.

24 Hour Job?

Yes. Being an RA is indeed a 24 hour job. As an RA I am responsible for close to 30 female students that come to me at any time whenever they need help, guidance, just someone to vent to, and everything in between. 24 hours a day I see residents everywhere and I must keep myself flexible for whatever may happen because at any point of the day if there is an emergency with my residents, I am the one who will be contacted very first. Have a problem at 3 AM with your roommate? Yupp I am the one to run to. Need to know the resources on campus to contact when you are in academic trouble? Yupp, I am also the one student’s first contact. As an RA I am the closest university employee to interact with students and this puts an enormous amount of responsibility on my shoulders.  Since I have worked with all freshman both years, the very beginning of the year is always the most stressful, but also the most fun. The two weeks a student is at a University basically determines whether they want to stay and whether they feel like they fit into the atmosphere and their community.

Interested in becoming an RA at OU next year?- Tweet me @renatabella22 and I will answer any of your questions.

Let’s Dive into the Perks

Well, I recently was promoted to ARA (Administrative Resident Assistant). This position has given me even more perks than before. For example, RA’s are known for being the “bad guys” and having to walk around the hall each night to make sure everything is going smoothly, but as an ARA I don’t ever again have to sit mail duty again. My job description includes being the leading role on my staff and making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Lots and lots of paperwork and scheduling is involved in my current position.

The perks:

  1. 100% of my room is paid for (THIS MEANS NO RENT! )
  2. Salary every 2 weeks on top of the paid room!
  3. NO Roommate! (this is especially convenient)
  4. Develop Professional skills
  5. Network with many professionals in the housing department
  6. Learn how to time manage like none other
  7. Make friends from residents and constantly meet new people
  8. Be involved on campus and know the many resources available to students
  9. Learn how to facilitate meetings
  10. Learn the tricks to marketing the right way to residents (So that they show up to programs)
  11. My event planning skills have also benefited from the job tremendously

What do you think of these perks? Are you an RA too? Let me know if I missed something in the comments below!


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