Facebook Leads the College Student Target Market

My team aneverything ohio ud I were instructed to have three main content pieces distributed by the end of the semester to any target market we wanted. We ran with the idea that we could reach the most people by using the market that was already around us-college students.

More specifically, Ohio University Students. There are hundreds of things OU Students are looking for when it comes to what they want their social media to present with them. We made the Facebook Page “Everything Ohio U” as a page where we could compile all of the information and topics that current, and future Ohio University Students are looking for.

The reason why we chose Facebook as our main hub was because we simply thought (from instinct) that it was the social media cite that most OU students were using and it would be the least difficult way to reach our target market. After doing some research, we found out that research shows that college students prefer to use Facebook because all of their friends/classmates are on Facebook and it’s easy to use (College Students Prefer to use Facebook in their Courses).

Another reason we chose to distribute our content pieces through Facebook was because of its amazing tools that are offered free. Facebook Insights has given us the opportunity to find out exactly who is “liking” our page and our content, who is seeing it, and what we can do to improve our numbers. Just as the article “Why Facebook Likes Do Matter” says, Facebook is a great marketing tool that our team could use to measure our success, quickly, easily, and for free.


For our three content pieces we considered the B.E.S.T. approach that Jow Pulizzi and Newt Barett mention in “Get Content, Get Customers.” My team wanted each of our content pieces to be Behavioral, Essential, Strategic, and Targeted to our audience of Ohio University current and future students. Our first content piece was the #FEST history prezi piece because it was relevant, and targeted to our audience. Our second content piece is the ongoing Newsletter that we are distributing for the next three weeks of school with information on current events and things to do during these last few weeks on campus, or for those visiting Ohio U. Our last content piece will be a short video on the controversial topic of “Quarters v. Semesters” and which students prefer. It will give them a voice and also others a chance to hear the opinions of their classmates.

So far, we are excited that we have 148 Facebook likes on our page. We are looking to grow this number and hope that by the end of the third week our likes will be in the 200 range.


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